Studies of Market: We have developed to different types from market study, varying according to the requirements and depth that our clients need. General knowledge of the country, industrial sector, competitions, uses and customs, etc.

Search of Distributors: We study to the main importers and distributors in its products or services, and looked for the ideal distributor to develop the Chilean market.

Commercial consultant's offices: We study the market, the competitors and the clients, to elaborate an agreed commercial strategy to the market and product, being developed plans of marketing, seminaries, participation in fairs, etc.

Creation of branchs: Next to local lawyers we make the creation of branchs in Chile, registry of marks and looked for can operate that it.

Purchase or sale of companies in Chile
: Altogether companies of consultant's office in investments we looked for and we offer the best alternatives of investment for purchase or sale of companies in Chile.

Representations: We act like representatives of companies or products for its development in the Chilean market, looked for importers, distributors and we implemented tools for the control its management in periodic form.

Participation in Directories: We participate in directories in branchs located in Chile or like director in companies with a participation in the property of a Chilean company.
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